State employees are driven to a mass rally and army conscripts - to a training range in the "DPR" - the militant Khodakovsky 04/05/2017 12:17:46. Total views 1054. Views today — 0.

State employees are driven to a mass rally in Donetsk on Friday and military aged males – to a reservist training to the training range in the "DPR". This is written by the creator of "Vostok" terrorist battalion, the traitor Alexander Khodakovsky on social network.

"Mass events are planned at the end of the week. A part of state employees were kindly invited to Artioma Street, announcing the gathering on Friday at 11.15, a part of state employees of military aged males - to the training range near Torez for one-day gathering", - the militant reports.

He sneers that "the peaceful mass has not been announced yet what is the reason for the gathering, and they are genuinely puzzled: should they have a joyful mood and smiles on their faces, or should they be in anger and grief? They ask to be informed at least one hour before in order to develop an appropriate mood".

As for the "potential army conscripts", according to Khodakovsky, "most likely, the explanatory work will be carried out with them, few fiery speeches will be given to the cameras before them, and they will be let homes".

Objectively, it is impossible to hold anything except for the noncombatant parade in a day: half-day for arrival and unloading, half-day for gathering in the right heap and licking into shape for a big screen, and half an hour for, actually, procedures, - the former commander of "Alpha" special unit of the Donetsk SBU argues in favour of the idea of one-day gathering.