Elderly woman was killed in Balaklia where ammo depots are ablaze - Chechiotkin 03/24/2017 15:01:16. Total views 929. Views today — 3.

Head of Ukraine's State Service for Emergency Situations Mykola Chechiotkin has said a woman was killed in explosions at ammunition warehouses of the Defense Ministry near the town of Balaklia, Kharkiv oblast, - OstroV’s correspondent reports.

"Late in the evening during searches at a residential sector a dead woman, born 1951, was found under the rubble of a house", - Chechiotkin said on Friday morning.

He also said quoting the data of the Health Ministry that another woman, born 1962, got a shrapnel wound in her head in the result of the shell hit the house.

As reported, explosions at the Ukrainian Defense Ministry's ammo depots near Balaklia began in the early hours of March 23.