Blasts at Balakleia ammunition depot in Kharkiv oblast 03/23/2017 09:55:39. Total views 912. Views today — 1.

Ordnance started exploding at the Defense Ministry’s ammunition depot situated near the city of Balakleia in the Kharkiv oblast on the night of March 23, - the press release of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine reports.

At 2:56 am March 23, the State Emergency Service received information that a fire broke out at the Defense Ministry’s ammunition depot in Balakleia, followed by detonation of ammunition.

The residents of Balakleia neighborhoods and nearby villages inside the dangerous area (15 thousand people) are being evacuated. The movement of passenger transport along the Balakleia railway station is suspended and organized according to the reserve scheme.

As of 7 am March 23, explosions of different intensity are still being observed on the territory of the depot.