Nasirov was put in the electronic bracelet and released from the remand prison 03/17/2017 11:17:24. Total views 836. Views today — 1.

The dismissed chairman of the State Fiscal Service Roman Nasirov was released from Lukyanivska remand prison late in the evening on March 16 after his wife posted a $3706600 bail. This is reported by UNN.

Roman Nasirov will be obliged to wear an electronic control device and not to leave the settlement where he is registered from now on, - the message says.

Nasirov also explained where the money for the bail came from. "It happened so, I am very grateful to the family, they found this huge amount, I do not really agree with this, because it is better to be without fault, brought to justice, because this all is populism, I would better stay here and prove my innocence", - Nasirov said.

According to him, he plans to report that he is not guilty with the help of media, - the statement said.