Akhmetov's business works "in normal mode" under the "external control" of the “DPR” militants - media 03/15/2017 12:37:04. Total views 861. Views today — 0.

The business of Rinat Akhmetov in the occupied territories of Donbass works "in normal mode" under the "external control" of the “DPR” militants. This is reported by the Russian news agency RBK referring to sources in the SCM holding.

So, according to the source, all the enterprises of Metinvest in the occupied territory of Donbass are managed by the holding. It is noted that the top and middle managers left for the territory controlled by Ukraine, and the operational management is carried out by the remaining managers of the lower ranks.

"Sometimes people with guns just come to the entrance checkpoints of the enterprises and stay there. This is called external control, they cannot all disperse everybody and hire new personnel", - the source in Metinvest explained.

According to Irina Milutina, communications director of DTEK Energo, DTEK enterprises (parts of the Akhmetov’s holding) in the occupied territory of Donbass also work in the regular mode.

As previously reported, on March 1, the militants stated that they introduced "external management" to the enterprises under the Ukrainian jurisdiction located in the temporarily occupied territory of Donbass. The “DPR-LPR” militants stated that these enterprises had to pay taxes to the terrorist entities.