SBU special group arrived at redoubt of participants of the blockade in Kryvyi Torets: they check the documents 03/13/2017 17:39:22. Total views 732. Views today — 0.

The special group of the SBU arrived at the redoubt in Kryvyi Torets. This is reported on Facebook of the headquarters of trade with the occupiers.

"Communication with Redoubt "16 Volunteer" in Kryvyi Torets was restored." We specify the information. The special group of the SBU under the command of Major Ostafeichuk arrived at the redoubt. The mobile communication has disappeared "of itself". There are armoured personnel carrier and several minibuses within the group. The documents are being checked and photographs are being taken. The foreman of the group of the SBU sells fictions that he conducts an "anti-terrorist operation" which has nothing to do with the Blockade", - the statement said.

"It is reported from the Redoubt "Zaporizhia" in Bakhmut that the group (but not the SBU - OstroV) had also arrived there before. It was the special forces of the police. The headquarters will inform about the situation change", - the headquarters reports.

Earlier, one of the volunteers said that the mobile communication was completely cut off in Kryvyi Torets.