Donbass blockade HQ plans to cease coal supply from Russia on April 2 03/10/2017 16:16:02. Total views 797. Views today — 0.

Headquarters of the Donbass trade blockade gave yet another ultimatum to the Cabinet of Ministers demanding to cease coal supply from the Russian Federation until April 2. This was reported by the second commander of the battalion Donbass Anatoliy Vinogrodsky during the press conference, - UNIAN reports

"From April 2, blockade participants will implement the active phase and start blocking coal from Russia", - he said.

He also said that representatives of the ATO zone blockade require the Ukrainian government to conclude agreements on the supply of coal from countries that do not fight with Ukraine until April 2. "We are proceeding to the second phase of blockade, giving the government time until April 2 in order to sign agreements with the countries, which are not engaged in war with Ukraine, regarding energy products. The government should revise its trade policy with Russia before April 2", -  Vinogrodsky said.

He added that the headquarters of the blockade plans to open new observation redoubts at the railway stations in Kupyansk, Sumy, Kazachye and Umanka.