Nasirov claims the amount of taxes paid by business from the occupied territories is "pulled out of a hat" - a cellmate 03/10/2017 14:57:10. Total views 745. Views today — 0.

Removed from the post of the head of the State Fiscal Service Roman Nasirov, who is now in the predetention centre, states that the amount of taxes paid by representatives of business in the occupied territories of Donbass is "pulled out of a hat". This was written by his cellmate, fighter of the disbanded battalion Tornado Nikolai Tsukur on his Facebook page.

Tsukur noted that he had "meaningfully" communicated with Roman Nasirov.

"Statements of politicians that "enterprises in the occupied territories have paid USD 600 million/1.1 billion to the budget of Ukraine" are a lie, the figures are pulled out of a hat. I'm quoting here (Nasirov – Ed): "Have you heard me telling the amount of taxes from the "LPR-DPR"? All but me tell some amounts. I do not understand where they get it. The resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers signed by Yatsenyuk exempts enterprises in the occupied territories from paying taxes. There is an unspoken agreement: they pay a certain amount - we do not check how much products they shipped out. My friends are not even involved there. This is an issue of the SBU", - Tsukur wrote after a conversation with Nasirov.

As previously reported, proponents of trade with "enterprises controlled by Ukraine in an uncontrolled territory" cite as an argument the amount of taxes paid by the business operating in the “DPR/LPR”.