It is planned to fine drivers for Ukrainian driving license in the annexed Crimea from June 1 03/10/2017 11:46:23. Total views 679. Views today — 0.

Car owners who work for hire and use Ukrainian driving licenses in the annexed Crimea will face the fines if they do not exchange their driving licenses for Russian until June 1 of this year. This was stated by "the head of the STSI of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Crimea" Anatoliy Borisenko on the air of Sputnik in Crimea radio, - RIA Novosti reports.

"Strict liability for those drivers who work for hire will be from June 1. Heavy fines will be for the unchanged foreign license. Moreover, the sanctions will concern those organizations that provide jobs to such drivers", – Borisenko said. He also noted that the exchange of old driving licenses in the annexed Crimea is free of charge and without passing exams at the moment.

"We change driving licenses without exams and payment at the moment. I cannot say what will be further, but our doors are open for driving license's exchange", - he noted.