Former Ukrainian military are replaced in the annexed Crimea. Those who have violated the oath will be sent to the North 02/24/2017 13:09:58. Total views 800. Views today — 0.

The command of the Russian occupation troops in the annexed Crimea purposefully replaces former Ukrainian military that have violated the oath to Ukraine. This was reported by the Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on Facebook.

"5 new flight crews for the military transport aircraft An-26 and amphibious aircraft Be-12 arrived at the Kacha airfield (Crimea) from the Russian Federation. Newly arrived pilots will replace the former Ukrainian military that have gone to serve in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. "Ukrainian" crews are planned to relocate for the further service to the territory of the Russian Federation, to the units of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation in particular", - Intelligence service notes.

Сancellation of the majority of positions is also planned in the subunits of the Russian occupation troops which are manned by servicewomen - former citizens of Ukraine in the Crimea up to the end of 2017.