The Verkhovna Rada adopted the budget early in the morning. "In the framework of IMF's parameters" 12/25/2015 12:15:08. Total views 1236. Views today — 0.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted as a basis and as a whole the draft law of Ukraine on the state budget for 2016 with a deficit of 3.7% of GDP and income of 595 billiard UAH, - reports UNIAN.

263 deputies (required 226) voted for the decision early in the morning on December 25th.

The draft budget has been completed considering the adopted laws. Presenting the updated draft budget, the Minister of Finance Nataliia Yaresko said that the developers of the draft law in general took into account about 20 different amendments.

In particular, it was previously assumed that the budget revenues would amount to 601 billion UAH. Adoption of the budget was a key recommendation to Ukraine by the main creditor - the International Monetary Fund supported by the US Treasury and the embassies of the Group of Seven in Ukraine.

"The deficit remains within IMF paramaters", - said Yaresko.