United Russia has refused to recognize the "DPR" as state by the example of Kobzon 02/20/2017 14:47:13. Total views 924. Views today — 0.

United Russia Russian party refused to consider "DPR" a state. This was stated by the First Deputy Head of the Central Executive Committee of United Russia party Konstantin Mazurevskiy, - zn.ua reports.

Some media have earlier reported that the "United Russia's people", as well as State Duma as a whole would have to study the "dual citizenship" of Joseph Kobzon, as the deputy of the State Duma had previously received a "passport of the DPR".

"Joseph Kobzon is not a citizen of the foreign state for the reason that the "Donetsk People's Republic" is not a state" - Mazurevskiy said. "It is necessary to understand the difference between the recognition of certain documents, and international recognition of the state", - Mazurevskiy said. He did not specify what exactly the "DPR" is.

As reported earlier, the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin has legalized the documents and license plates of the vehicles, which are issued in the occupied territory of the Donbass, on the territory of Russia by his decree.