Miracles happen. The Ministry of Energy paid off 87 million debt on wages of Luhansk miners 12/24/2015 21:52:09. Total views 1083. Views today — 0.

Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry of Ukraine paid off debts to the coal mines of Luhansk region this week. It is reported by the press service of the Luhansk Regional Military and Civil Administration.

As of December 15th the debt to two coal mining companies that operate on the territory controlled by the Ukrainian government, in particular Lisichanskugol OJSC and Pervomayskugol SE, was about 126 million hryvnia.

"New Year miracles happen. The Ministry of Energy and Coal Industry eventually paid the major part of the debt - almost 87 million hryvnia – almost after our monthly calls with the requirements to pay the miners,"- said the head of Luhansk Regional Military and Civilian Administration Georgiy Tuka.

As of December 22nd, 2016 Lisichanskugol OJSC was paid 56,161 million hryvnia by state support, Pervomayskugol SE - 30.882 million hryvnia.