Militants hit on Marinka: houses are on fire – Abroskin 02/02/2017 12:04:58. Total views 1143. Views today — 0.

Militants shell Marinka of the Donetsk oblast, which resulted in a fire of several houses. This was stated by the head of the National Police Headquarters in the Donetsk oblast of the regional police department Vyacheslav Abroskin.

"Marinka. Terrorists are beating the city. Some houses are already burning. Studies are paused at both schools. Information about the victims is being determined", - he wrote.

At the same time the local public "Marinka Zona ATO" in VKontakte social network reports that there were several hits in the morning. "According to the sound, it is the area of boarding school and Zeleny Guy", as well as along Krasnoarmeyskaya street and the crossroad near the center. According to the information of the public, both schools and the infant school were forced to go down to the cellars.

"9:42 - it is reported that the fire on Pervomayskaya street 98 is NOT connected with the shelling. Unfortunately, there are victims", - the statement of "Marinka Zona ATO" said.