Militants don’t let in 25 trucks of humanitarian aid from the UN 01/27/2017 12:04:52. Total views 832. Views today — 0.

A column of 25 trucks with humanitarian aid from the United Nations was stopped at the border with rebel-held territories. Oksana Ivanec, the press-secretary of the Eastern Regional Directorate of the State Border Service of Ukraine, wrote that on her Facebook page.

Today at Novotroitske checkpoint, border guards together with the Fiscal Service and the SBU have officially issued 25 trucks with humanitarian aid from the United Nations Organization.

"The international organization sent construction materials and medicine to the occupied territories. At about 5 pm border guards received information that the militants did not let the cars in. There were no explanations given", - Ivanec wrote.

At the moment, the convoy returned through Novotroitske checkpoint back to the Ukrainian controlled territory. It is located on the territory of the logistics center, the convoy is now being under guard.