Residents of the occupied Donetsk complain about the debasement of products and the dominance of stale goods 01/24/2017 14:16:01. Total views 936. Views today — 0.

Residents of the occupied Donetsk complain about the debasement of products which are sold in local supermarkets and markets. The local website Typical Donetsk writes about this.

A lot of people noted that it is often necessary to choose whether to buy stale goods or stale milk product (instead of milk).

"The products from local producers, who are still working according to the Ukrainian standards, get to the counter more and more seldom. It can be because of the loss of production or such a "mutually beneficial" cooperation with the enterprises of the Russian Federation in rubles at the rate of a dollar. After all, the DPR often likes to boast that it supplies products to the big brother. A growing number of local productions (for some reason, manufacturing especially bakery products) pass into the possession of the Russian business", - the website writes.

It is emphasized that the life of Donetsk has qualitatively "given a dozen grounds from what was there before the war".

"The Russian Chistaya Liniya can give nothing except dandruff and itching, however, as well as a rival to it Vorozheya. Chinese-made consumer electronics, not tested in the Russian Federation, also filled up the counter of the DPR. Really, why is it needed to send the culling back? It is expensive and troublesome. And it is possible to make hey here", - the website writes, noting that it is difficult to find at least one field, where the Russian producer could "qualitatively meet the consumer".