The “LPR’s” budget goes to pieces: hungry miners rebel in Antratsyt and newspaper workers do a slow burn in Luhansk 01/06/2017 19:05:09. Total views 1057. Views today — 0.

The “LPR’s” State Unitary Enterprise Antratsytugol miners’ current salary debt stands at about USD 740 million, - the OstroV’s source reports.

In connection with a debt on salary payment, miners are ready for the mass strike.

"Miners are ready to revolt. Antratsytugol is an infrastructure, the miners have nothing to feed the family with, the entire Antratsyt has no money. Up to the New Year miners were paid about 20% of the debt. That is next to nothing", - the source said.

We also know that the leadership of "republic" was able to negotiate on the temporary postponement of the mass strikes. Miners were told that if coal mining ceases, the company will be shut altogether. Salary debts are promised to be paid in 2017 but the promises are not true.

"They didn’t manage to pay the debt. By the end of the fiscal year the "LPR" has provided itself with a mere 30% of the needed amount. The main source of income are taxes - about USD 18 million. In such a situation, there is no money to pay the miners. The financial assistance of Russia is also unlikely, because more and more often we hear that Russia wants to put all the responsibility of Luhansk miners on the "LPR", - the source stated.

In addition, we became aware of the salary debts to workers of the "republic’s” printing press, funded by subsidies from Russia. The debt period is about two months.