"All should be sent to the ATO under the guns." There are several rallies near Rada held (Photo) 11/03/2016 14:10:00. Total views 1343. Views today — 0.

Four protests are taking place near the Verkhovna Rada in which several hundred people take part, - reports the correspondent of OstroV.

One meeting is conducted by representatives of Atomprofsoyuz sthat require from the parliament independent funding of medicine and adoption of adequate reforms. They also have posters "Listen to us and we will help you", "When a doctor isn’t hungry, the patient feels better."
Another protest is carried out by several dozens of employees of Specialized Clinic No. 5 SE (Slavutych). They demand from the authorities to ensure funds for payment of salaries and utilities.
They brought posters "Slavutych Clinic No. 5 of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine is the only hospital of Slavutych", "MPs, help to defeat the bureaucrats", "Leave Clinic No.5 for workers of Slavutych nuclear plants: Chernobyl nuclear power plant and Atomremontservis", "Danyluk, teach how to survive on 30% of the funding".
The most numerous rally near the Rada is held in support of Ukrainian science. Activists need to increase funding for universities and provide in the budget for next year more funds for the development of science. They held up signs: "Officials live - science vegetates", "Worthy attitude to science is the requirement of time", "Ministry of Finance does not see us".