The "DPR" police is carrying out "cleansing". They are looking for suspects in the death of militant Motorola – IR 10/31/2016 16:18:47. Total views 953. Views today — 1.

The so-called "MSS of the DPR" is carrying out large-scale detention of "DPR police" staff suspected of being involved in the elimination of militant Motorola. It is reported by coordinator of the Information Resistance group Dmitry Tymchuk on his Facebook page.

It is noted that fake "MIA of the DPR" spread information that the detention was carried out by the direct orders of the leader of the "DPR" Alexander Zakharchenko "who uses the elimination of Motorola to eliminate unwanted elements from the ranks of the "MIA" as I.Plotnitsky did in the "LPR" (the latter conducts mass cleansing in "state institutions of the LPR" under the pretext of "combating the consequences of the coup attempt").