Unemployment rate reached 50% in occupied Donbass – UN 10/25/2016 19:11:11. Total views 984. Views today — 0.

The unemployment rate in occupied Donbass is more than 50%. It was stated by Deputy Administrator and Regional Director of the United Nations Development Programme Bureau for Europe and CIS, Assistant Secretary General Dzihan Sultanoglu in an interview with Glavkom.

The conflict caused serious damage to the economy of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Business was destroyed, infrastructure and communications were damaged. As a result, there was a decline in industrial production. In 2014 the unemployment rate in both areas has reached more than 50%," - she said.

According to her, the level of investment fell to its lowest level for the entire period of independence. "It is not surprising that young people leave Donbass and look for jobs in other places. Recovery institutions, livelihoods and economic recovery - but above all the return of hope and confidence in the future to the local population - must be our top priority. It is very important to us that small and medium business play an important role in the recovery process, as usually due to the development of this sector there are new jobs, regional economy blooms creating livelihoods for the population," - said Sultanoglu.