Gontareva said that 27 hryvnia per dollar was quite a realistic scenario 10/24/2016 15:15:09. Total views 978. Views today — 1.

The exchange rate of hryvnia to the dollar in the state budget for the next year at the level of 27.2 hryvnia/dollar is quite realistic. It was stated by the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Valeriya Gontareva on ICTV, - reports UNIAN.

The head of the NBU when asked about the feasibility of the exchange rate of the hryvnia to the dollar at a level 27.2 hryvnia /dollar in the state budget for 2017, said that this issue is being discussed with the relevant authorities.

"The exchange rate in the budget is realistic. Moreover, we are actively working with international organizations and with our Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Economic Development. Therefore, we are discussing all these figures. So, I can tell you that it is a realistic exchange rate,"- said V.Gontareva.