Verkhovna Rada adopted a declaration dated to the anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland 10/20/2016 15:29:14. Total views 934. Views today — 0.

The Verkhovna Rada adopted a declaration of solidarity and memory dedicated to the 77th anniversary of the Soviet invasion of Poland today. 243 MPs voted for it, - reports http://lb.ua/news/2016/10/20/348388_rada_prinyala_deklaratsiyu.htmlLevyi Bereg.

The statement, which today must also be adopted by the Sejm of Poland, said that the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact of August 23, 1939, led to the beginning of World War II, occupation of Poland by Germany and the Soviet Union, the Soviet occupation of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, mass repression and 50- year-old division of Europe into two camps.

"We remember that the weakness of the international response to the escalation before  the Second World War, totalitarian and chauvinistic ideologies, lack of adequate reaction to violations by the aggressors of international law, as well as concessions policy encouraged the communist and Nazi regimes to aggression and as a result - to the division of Europe," - said the statement.

MPs pay attention that now a similar situation has developed in connection with the Russian aggressive policy towards Ukraine.

"We call on all European partners to show unity and international solidarity to protect united Europe against external aggression. We call the people throughout Europe to be aware of the causes and consequences of World War II, as well as to make joint efforts to protect the safety and freedom," - said the statement.