The "prosecutor" of Yenakiyevo was killed in the “DPR”. He didn’t obey Russian curators and sit on financial flows 12/22/2015 13:31:04. Total views 949. Views today — 0.

The so-called "prosecutor" of Yenakiyevo, which is occupied by militants, was killed on Monday evening in Shakhtersk. This was announced by the coordinator of the Stop Terror Semen Kabakaev on his Facebook page.

"VAZ21010 was shot at 19:30 in Shakhtersk. The car belonged to the prosecutor of Yenakiyevo, the body was taken from the accident site, the name will later", - he wrote.

Liquidation, according to the coordinator, occurred due to the redistribution of financial flows and insubordination to curators from Russia.

"The monopolization of the Russian Federation should be complete, now not all occupied parts are under their total control, part of their ideologues and fans of a quick profit remained", - summed up Kabakaev.