PACE explained why it was impossible to hold elections in Donbass 10/12/2016 19:44:16. Total views 1001. Views today — 0.

The security situation in Donbass does not allow to hold elections there, as provided by the Minsk agreements. It is stated in the report of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe on Human Rights Violations in the annexed Crimea and Donbass areas beyond the control of Ukraine, - reports BBC.

The document was prepared by Rapporteur Marieluise Beck and approved by the PACE Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights.

"The speaker noted that the security situation in Donbass was very far from the conditions for the holding of elections as provided by the Minsk agreements," - says the report.

The report also pointed out that Russia should bear the responsibility for the situation, however, it said that the Ukrainian side was also responsible for human rights violations in the conflict zone.

"The Assembly strongly condemns the Russian annexation of the Crimea and the Russian military intervention in Donbass that violate international law and the fundamental values ​​of the Council of Europe," - says the report.

The author of the document, that was unanimously approved by the relevant committee, indicates that she aspired to be "fully objective" and not simply blame "both sides".