Queues at almost all checkpoints on the demarcation line in Donetsk region, but they move 12/01/2015 12:39:31. Total views 1093. Views today — 0.

There are queues at all checkpoints on the demarcation line in Donetsk region, except for Gnutovo but they move. Donbass SOS group reports about that.

All checkpoints start their work at 7am.

At Volnovakha towards Mariupol the queue is one kilometer long, it moves; in the direction of Donetsk the queue is relatively small, traffic is good.

In the direction of Artemovsk the queue is about 200 vehicles, traffic is slow but steady. There is almost no queue in the direction of Donetsk, the traffic is relatively good.

At Georgievka (Kurakhovo) checkpoints the queue to Donetsk ends at the sign "Georgievka" and, to Kurakhovo at the ring. Traffic is slow, but stable in both directions.

Gnutovo checkpoint is open, no queues.

According to information from the State Border Service, in the morning in total about one thousand cars were waiting for the check to cross the demarcation line at the checkpoints.

Here's how witnesses comment on the situation (author’s punctuation and spelling are preserved):

#‎Волноваха ‪#‎Новотроицкое ‪#‎Перлына

- Had a call from perlyny ... everything as usual.bad traffic.numerous beneficiaries barge through the crowd...

- my niece drove through ntroitsk, from Donetsk – f.ck, in Donetsk normal, e few cars

- I left the Volnovakha at 9.15 , no queue at the checkpoint in the direction of Donetsk, and in the direction of Mariupol it’s huge.

#‎Артемовск ‪#‎Майорск ‪#‎Зайцево

- We arrived at 7 as in DPR. Traffic didn’t move at all until 9. During the last hour the queue moved only by 7 cars. Mayorsk.

- standing in the . Almost to the post of DPR.

- we are 153 in the usual. 10 beneficiaries’ cars.none was let pass for the last 40 minutes. Mayorsk

- mayorsk  are moving a bit, oncoming goes briskly

- We passed mayorsk. No beneficiries. Genarl almost to the DPR post. Not many on foot

#‎Георгиевка ‪#‎Курахово

- From Donetsk 200 cars ... Traffic is so so.a few oncoming cars.standing for an hour, drove 800 m.

- To Donetsk queue starts at the sign Georgievka

- From Donetsk 250 cars, 23 beneficiaries’ cars, there is traffic, but slow

- we arrived in Kurakhovo at 8:40 according to Ukrainian time. We go to Donetsk. Now we are standing near the sign 50. The queue is not moving very fast, but moving.

-In the direction of Kurakhovo the queue is to the concrete sign Maryanka. Traffic is slow, but steady.