Pensioners of the "DPR" got pensions cut by 10%. As always, they blamed Ukraine 10/07/2016 20:16:08. Total views 774. Views today — 0.

Pensioners of the "DPR" got pensions reduced by 10% in October. It is reported by the press service of the so-called "Ministry of Social Policy" of the "DPR".

The reason for reducing the amount of the payment in the "DPR" is some "hacker attack" on the database of the Pension Fund by Ukraine.

They say that the authorities of the "DPR" are not able to restore all of the information, so the "pensions will be paid in the amounts recorded as of 01.07.201 ", i.e. without 10%.

They don’t explain how the database of the fake Pension Fund is linked to the failure to pay the promised 10%.