People are dying for Gazprom. Russian general explained why Russia filled Syria with blood 10/06/2016 20:38:20. Total views 1080. Views today — 0.

Russian General Leonid Ivashov said that Russia got involved in the war in Syria in order to protect its interests in the European gas market. This statement was made by Ivashov during the programme of Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Solovyov.

"If Russia had not entered there and kept the regime of Bashar al-Assad, then today a very acute question of survival of the Russian budget would have been raised because three gas pipes are involved in the war", - said Ivashov. He explained that it was about Qatar that had the largest gas reserves, gas giant Iran and Russia. "And the first route, which would have been laid (by the Middle East - OstroV) - is to Europe," - predicted the General.

"Would it have dramatically reduced our (Russian - OstroV) share of the gas market?" – caught the presenter Ivashov’s idea.

Route of Middle East oil, as the General said, would pass through Syria to Turkey. "For this it was necessary to squeeze Russia ...," - he explained.

Answering the direct question of one of the participants if Ivashov meant that Russia is fighting in Syria to ensure the sales for Gazprom, the General also said directly "yes, including".