The "DPR" wants to force businessmen to pay 10 thousand to employees 10/04/2016 21:12:26. Total views 868. Views today — 1.

The so-called "tax office" will "recommend" businessmen working on the occupied territories of the "DPR" to raise salaries for their employees up to 8-10 thousand rublesas of the new year. It was announced by the so-called "Minister of Revenue and Fees of the DPR" Alexander Timofeyev in an interview with the separatist television station.

"The tax office recommends that all businesses make payroll at the level of 8-10 thousand rubles till the New Year for the employees to receive it (this amount - OstroV)," - said Timofeyev.

"The higher salary you pay, the more money people will spend, and also on your products, the money will be in the circulation," - he said to the heads of commercial organizations.

The "official" assured that these "recommendations" of the tax authority are not the pressure on private business. According to him, it is the way in which the "DPR" is "trying to raise the living standard of the population."

K.Timofeyev omitted information that salaries in the public sector of the "DPR" were very low.

As previously reported, the "employment center" offers accountant in the "DPR" a salary of 3.5 -4 thousand, doctors with mandatory higher education - 3 to 6 thousand rubles, and educational and cultural employees can only count on 3500 rubles.