Former Berkut employee admitted his guilt and named people involved in the shootings in Euromaidan 10/04/2016 20:17:00. Total views 1000. Views today — 1.

Former commander of the Kharkov Berkut Viktor Shapovalov admitted his guilt in court and called the names of his former colleagues who received lethal weapons to fight against Euromaidan activists. He said that at the court hearing on October 3rd, - said ZN.UA referring to Channel 5.

"I note that the pump action shotguns were given to personnel: Bondarenko Sergey, Rak, Mishchenko, Voytenko, Belov. It is the personnel that fired with pump-action shotguns. Also Batskikh, Beletsky, Kobets, Matsyura, Pavlenko, Robko, Shevchenko. The personnel with the"forts" was led by Lukash. "Forts forward!" – thats him," - said Shapovalov.

The accused also said that he saw two Berkut fighters were beating people in in Kreposnoy alley, but did nothing. He also did not react when security forces opened fire at activists. According to him, in February 2014 "Berkut employees" distinguished each other due to coloured stickers on the helmet. This information, according to lawyers, will reveal other participants in the massacre of Euromaidan.

"This is important as it is almost impossible to identify "Berkut employees" due to other rank badges because they were wearing masks and covering their helmets. It is very difficult to identify their faces," - said the lawyer of the affected party Alexander Musiyenko.

The accused also expressed his regrets about the incident.

Viktor Shapovalov is accused of exceeded his authority when being the commander of the special unit. According to the prosecution, the staff of the Kharkov Berkut was involved in bodily injury of varying severity of 110 persons who took part in Euromaidan.