The self-proclaimed "Minister of Sports of the DPR" said hi to Akhmetov: Donbass Arena "is also on the list" 12/21/2015 20:35:23. Total views 1010. Views today — 2.

The authorities of the so-called "DPR" intend to use the Donbass Arena, which the home stadium of FC Shakhtar, for their own purposes. The self-proclaimed "the Minister of Youth, Sports and Tourism of the Republic" Mikhail Mishin announced about that at the "official website of the DPR".


People's Republic is interested in the efficient use of the stadium Donbass Arena in Donetsk, - he said. "We are not indifferent when, in fact, promising sports facility isn’t used".

According to him, "the authorities" haven’t seized sports facility belonging to the Rinat Akhmetov’s club because "republic" is "not ready" for the big football.

"Now there is no urgent need to conduct football matches in the Donbass Arena",- said Mishin.

At the same time, "the minister" assured that when the issue is about the Donbass Arena, "we will solve it and we'll find the way how to use it right!"

"If somebody expresses the wish to come back and revive the Donbass Arena on our terms - why not? We are ready to cooperate in this direction", - Mishin made an offer to the owner of FC Shakhtar and Donbass Arena.

Donbass Arena "is also on the list and perhaps it will happen in 2016", - predicted he.

As previously reported, M. Mishin said this week that the authorities of the "DPR" allowed Shakhtar to come back to Donetsk if the team left the Championship of Ukraine and played in the "republic" competition. Shakhtar said they would not comment on the statements of unknown people.