Ukrainian journalist was secretly detained in Moscow. He is accused of spying 10/03/2016 15:40:14. Total views 1086. Views today — 0.

Ukrinform correspondent in France Roman Sushchenko was detained in Moscow on suspicion of espionage. It is stated by the statement of the agency.

Ukrinform is deeply outraged by the detention in Moscow on Friday, September 30th, of its correspondent Roman Sushchenko and appearance of reports in the Russian media about accusing him of "espionage," - it says.

The agency believes that it is is planned provocation. The statement notes that Roman, at the time of arrest, was on vacation and arrived in Moscow for private purposes.

He was detained in Moscow on the day of arrival and in violation of all international rules, the Russian side did not inform anyone - his wife or diplomatic institutions, or in the workplace about his detention.

His wife Andzhela Sushchenko, who stays in France, got to know about Roman’s detention only in the morning on Sunday, October 2nd, after calling her husband's relatives as he did not contact for two days. However, his relatives were very carefully, giving hints and avoiding even the word "detained".

Angela Sushchenko immediately called the "hot line" of the Ukrainian Embassy in Russia and then sent an official statement to the embassy about disappearance of her husband.

At the moment, neither the agency nor Sushchenko’s wife have any official information from the Russian side about his location, the answering machine is activated on his mobile phone.