MIA will offer the Rada to bring in a package of laws on the "presumption of innocence of the police" – Avakov 09/26/2016 13:56:21. Total views 824. Views today — 1.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs is preparing a submission of a package of legislative initiatives to the parliament, among which there will be the imperative of the presumption of innocence of the police. Minister of Internal Affairs Arsen Avakov wrote about it on Facebook.

"Please, obey the police - then you can appeal ... The presumption of innocence of the police should work as in Germany, USA, UK, France, Italy, Canada," - he said.

According to Avakov, bringing such an imperative in the legislation is not a restriction of civil liberties. He agreed that such a change would entail a strengthening of law enforcement responsibility and empowerment.

"But no other way. Changing, reforming police must and will receive more rights and bigger public confidence.  There is no other way of building an effective law enforcement system... The presumption of innocence of the police is one of the tools for constructing a collective system of internal security," - he explained.

Avakov also added that the Ministry of Internal Affairs would propose MPs to implement this norm in the legislative field as a part of the package of legislative initiatives to ensure the security, which was being prepared for submission to the parliament.