MEPs got shocked during meeting with the mothers of Ukrainian prisoners captured by militants – Gerashchenko 09/21/2016 15:31:21. Total views 1188. Views today — 1.

MEPs - Members of the Parliamentary Committee of the Association met with the former hostages and their families of Ukrainians who are still illegally held in prisons on the occupied territories. It was reported by the representative of Ukraine in the humanitarian subgroup of the Tripartite Contact Group, the first Vice-Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Gerashchenko on her Facebook page.

"Thousand of my stories and hundreds of our appeals are  nothing compared with the testimony of Volodya Zhemchugov, Dmitriy Kulish, Vitaliy Korovyakovskyi. Our emotional appeals to pay attention to the hostages are nothing compared with tears and sorrow of hostages‘ mothers and wives. It was obvious that European colleagues had an emotional shock, "- she said.

Gerashchenko expressed hope that MEPs will put every effort to highlight the topic of hostages, bullying Ukrainians in the EU.

"Our hostages caught in the trap in Ilovaysk boiler spoke about the Russians, who shot compatriots, tortured and abused, Volodya (Zhemchugov - Ed.) told how he had been mentally broken all that year, they said he was a cripple, no one needed him ... Mothers and wives of the hostages, who have been captured for two years, urged the EU to strengthen sanctions against Russia as an aggressor country,"- said the MP.

According to her, Ukraine's EU partners agree that it is impossible to tie the fate of people and the release of the hostages to the amnesty, blackmailing the country and the families of the hostages.

Gerashchenko hopes that "the Europeans have understood that the release of illegally detained is not just a line of the Minsk agreements, it is the fate of people," - wrote the Vice-Speaker.