Sixteen militants were detained in Donetsk region over the past three weeks 09/19/2016 21:26:36. Total views 1214. Views today — 0.

Sixteen militants were detained in Donetsk region over the past three weeks, - reports the police communication department of in the region.

The geography of arrests is from frontline Toretsk to Slavyansk where most of the fighters and their supporters were found. The age of participants of illegal armed groups is 20-48 years.

In particular, police exposed a 42-year-old man who being armed with a machine gun and Makarov pistol was on duty at the headquarters of the illegal armed formation of the "DPR" in the captured city prosecutor's office premises in June 2014. "As a guard, he accompanied terrorist cargos to Slavyansk that was under militant occupation. Militants called them "humanitarian". Law enforcers have collected unquestionable evidence base that will bring members of illegal armed groups to justice."

Most of the detainees are locals, but they were ordinary members of illegal armed groups but it cannot be said about their "command". Such evidence was provided by the Russian soldier detained by Ukrainian officers on their own positions, it is "pro-neo-Nazi spy who came to kill the people in Donetsk region because of nationalistic beliefs."

"Some of the residents of Donetsk region, bewildered by the powerful pro-Russian propaganda, went to the violation of the law because of ideological beliefs, the majority - for the money. Both were disenchanted with the fake republic which gave nothing to them except for criminal prosecution. Traitors were hiding in a peaceful town, hoping that their "exploits" are forgotten. But the police worked out step by step all those who were involved in the occupation of their own region," - said the statement.

So, as a result of the rapid operational actions, Mariupol police officers exposed a 31-year-old man who captured Mariupol executive committee in 2014. Law enforcers have gathered evidence that the attacker not only stormed the government department in Mariupol, but also ran militants’ errands in occupied Slavyansk and Donetsk. The man is a resident of Gorlovka, but he did not return to the occupation began but lived all this time in Mariupol.

Criminal proceedings were opened under Part. 2, 5, Art. 260 "Creation of paramilitary or armed groups that are not provided for by law" and Part 1 of Art. 256 "Assistance to participants of criminal organizations and concealing their criminal activities" of the Criminal Code of Ukraine. Attackers face from 3 to 15 years in prison.

Since the beginning of the year 349 participants of illegal armed groups and their supporters have been found. 213 people were arrested. 136 militants are on the wanted list.