"Criminal offshore." Criminals from Donetsk region are trying to get lost in the Crimea or Russia 09/19/2016 20:37:05. Total views 1290. Views today — 0.

Crime perpetrators in the Donetsk region are trying to hide in the Crimea and the Russian Federation. Chief of the National Police in Donetsk region Vyacheslav Abroskin wrote about that on his Facebook page.

According to him, 125 homicides have been committed for almost nine months of this year in the Donetsk region, 4 of them - on the occupied territory of the region, but it is only a few that became known. Regarding 107 crimes suspects were identified and arrested.

"There is a trend: after committing a crime, the criminal tries to get lost in the Crimea and the Russian Federation," - wrote Abroskin.

He recalled that two high-profile homicides had been committed over the past week. In Avdeyevka a previously convicted local man raped and killed a woman at a house entrance. In Kramatorsk a twice convicted man tried to kill a local resident caretaker of one of the enterprises. As a result of coordinated work of the criminal police, killers were quickly identified and arrested due to the vigilance of police officers at the checkpoints. Both criminals were planning to travel by bus to Moscow.

"Criminals, residents of Donetsk region after having committed crimes on our territory, seek salvation from the punishment in the expanses of Russia. Russian Federation is a kind of "criminal offshore" for our criminals, where you can escape from punishment and be sure that you will not be given to the Ukrainian justice. But it won’t be like that for ever," - said Abroskin.