The "DPR" started arresting teenagers on charges of "sabotage" 09/12/2016 12:18:18. Total views 940. Views today — 0.

Militants started arresting teenagers, accusing them of sabotage, allegedly committed by the order of "the special services of Ukraine". It was reported by the so-called "Ministry of State Security of the DPR".

It is noted that fake "MSS of the "DPR" detained a group of minor residents suspected of committing the alleged sabotage activity on the occupied territory.

"The MSS of the DPR disclosed intelligence network of the special services of Ukraine and broke sabotage activity on the territory of the republic," - said the statement of the punitive agency.

According to the "MSS", the group included seven minors. "Saboteurs were first lured by money (they paid 5 thousand UAH), then blackmailed and threatened with punishment for already committed crimes," - assured the "office".