Wednesday events on the occupied territories of Donbass 09/01/2016 12:24:46. Total views 812. Views today — 1.

Media: "World War II veterans and public figures of the LPR held a round table with students who decided to "walk" in the center of Luhansk with a Ukrainian flag during the curfew. Veterans explained "showing off" Luhansk students with a flag of Ukraine what fascism was."

Media: "The Temporary Election Commission for the 2016 primaries will start active phase of the work in the People's Republic of Donetsk at the beginning of September."

Media: "Residents of the DPR will be able to get the humanitarian and financial aid in accordance with the Commission's decision at the city and district administrations. "The kist of the beneficiaries will be compiled on the basis of the assessment of the material situation. The Commission will decide on granting the citizens with both humanitarian and material aid," - said Acting Minister of Labour and Social Policy of the DPR Larisa Tolstykina."

Media: "The school of opera singing will be opened for the first time at the Donetsk State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre named after Solovyanenko. "We are going to open the school of opera singing at our theater. We have never had it, but life forces us to address this issue. The theater lacks soloists and our Music Academy cannot provide us with the personnel fully," - said the director of the theater Yevgeniy Denisenko.

Media: "The matriculation ceremony at the Donetsk National University of Economics and Trade named after Tugan-Baranovsky was held today in the events hall of the university building No. 4. More than a thousand students enrolled in the university this summer."

Media: "Donbass Post SE released and put into circulation a new postage stamp and artistic envelope with an image of the main university of the country - Donetsk National University. It has become the 47th in a row and belongs to the collection of the Higher Education Institutions oft eh DPR."

Media: "Representatives of the Trade Union Federation of the LPR verified compliance of the Luhansk Luga-Nova spirits producer with occupational health and safety regulations in the framework of the Work under the Protection - Employee without Injury campaign."

"Director of Luhansk Football Union" Yuryi Malygin: "Football veteran teams of Zarya and Shakhter clubs will hold a friendly match on September 9th on the Avangard stadium Luhansk".

Media: "The Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the LPR Sergey Kozlov congratulated veterans of the republic on their professional holiday."