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"Chairman of the People's Council of the LPR" Vladimir Degtyarenko: "Parliamentarians of the LPR and North Ossetia will cooperate and exchange experience in the legal field."

"Ombudsman of the "DPR" Daria Morozova: "We raised the issue of the return of documents that certify the identity of our prisoners. However, the representatives of Ukraine believe that everything happens in the legal field. We all remember what happened when our guys return without passports, they are in a desperate situation: they were limited by borders of the Republic and were unable to go anywhere."

Media: "Head of the DPR Alexander Zakharchenko dismissed advisor to the head of the state Eduard Polyakov who held the post during almost past three months."

Media: "The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Tourism of the DPR plans to hold 10 events dedicated to the military-patriotic education in the fourth quarter of this year. Military field camp in the forest area will be organized for students, a trip to places of military operations during the Great Patriotic War will be organized for pupils."

"Deputy commander of the operational command of the DPR" Eduard Basurin: "We call on all people of the republic to demonstrate active civil position and in case of detection of suspicious persons or things to report promptly to the military commandants of the DPR and MSS."

Media: "The territory of the penal colony in Yelenovka in the south of Donetsk got under shelling.  Five shells were recorded to hit the territory of the penal facility, including a soccer field, local sector, near the compressor and to the area of ​​internal exclusion zone. One of the shells hit the corner of the administrative building of the institution which is located in the protected area. There are no casualties among the prisoners and personnel. "

"MIA of the DPR": "Law enforcement officers in Dokuchaevsk found and seized 5382 cartridges of various calibers, 18 different types of grenades and 20 fuses at the place of residence of a 40-year-old attacker."

Media: "The General Prosecutor's Office of the LPR revealed numerous violations in the activities of the department inspectors in Lutugin, Krasnodon, Krasnyi Luch, Sverdlovsk and Leninsky city districts regarding preventive work with persons who got punishment by the court’s decision not in the form of imprisonment."

"Head of the People's Police of the LPR" Oleg Anashchenko: "We call on our citizens to remain calm and coolness, increase their vigilance in anticipation of the new school year, not to ignore any suspicious activities that may indicate the preparation and execution of subversive and terrorist acts."

"Acting deputy chairman of the Council of Ministers of the LPR" Aleksandr Drobot: "Increasing number of pupils on the eve of the new academic year led to a slight shortage of textbooks in the republic."

Media: "The General Prosecutor's Office of the LPR has cancelled more than 170 unreasonable regulations of the MIA of the LPR for six months."