Putin’s advisor said that Poroshenko was not the President of Ukraine and it was needed to arrest him 08/29/2016 20:10:41. Total views 944. Views today — 1.

Advisor to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin Sergey Glazyev said that Poroshenko was not legitimate President of Ukraine and had to be arrested for usurpation of power. It was written in a letter addressed to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Yuriy Lutsenko in response to the Prosecutor General of Ukraine’s statement of suspicion of crimes against the national security of Ukraine.

Adviser said that there was no legitimate authority in Ukraine at the moment. "Public authorities are illegally controlled by appointed officials," - he writes.

According to him, in Ukraine, a seizure of state power by the Verkhovna Rada took place in 2014. Accordingly Putin's adviser said that "all the laws and regulations adopted by it after February 21st, 2014, including the appointment of Acting President, Prime Minister, members of the Government, Prosecutor General, appointment and conduct of presidential elections in Ukraine on May 25th, 2014, elections of deputies of the Verkhovna Rada on October 26th , 2014 and the decision to conduct anti-terrorist operations are illegal, unconstitutional and criminal."

Glazyev, on the basis of his own vision of the situation in Ukraine, offers Yuriy Lutsenko "to arrest all the participants of the coup d'état in Kiev as of February 21st, 2014, including the Verkhovna Rada members, who took the decision to usurp power, their appointed leaders of government and instigators of mess".

He also offers to recognize all decision of the VR, as well as the conduct and results of the presidential (May 25th, 2014) and parliamentary (October 26th, 2014) elections as illegal.

As previously reported, calls that were made public by the SSU confirm irrefutably that Sergei Glazyev, Russian President's Advisor on development of integration within the Customs Union and the Common Common Free Market zone of Russian, the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan, in fact supervised the process of destabilization of the situation in Ukraine in 2014 - 2015.