Only old staff got to the "updated" local prosecutor's offices – Kasko 12/17/2015 22:32:55. Total views 1085. Views today — 2.

No new people got to the structure of the local prosecutor's office, despite the fact that open competition was carried out for the positions of heads of prosecutors' offices. This thought was expressed by Deputy Prosecutor General Vitaliy Kasko on the air of the Gromadske radіo.

"The Prosecutor General did not appoint any external candidates, that is those, who have not previously worked in the prosecutor's office. 84% of them previously worked as heads of the district prosecutor's offices", - said he.

According to Kasko, most of appointed by Viktor Shchokin prosecutors "worked including since 2010" and do not fall under the law of the cleansing authorities for the reason that at this level the lustration law covers only prosecutors who worked in Kiev.

"Unfortunately, the idea of ​​David Sakvarelidze (Deputy Prosecutor General - Ed.) about involving new people in the prosecutor's office has failed", - added he.

"Firstly, it is the preparation of the regulatory framework. It was prepared by management of the reforms and later corrected by legal department that does not obey Sakvarelidze. Not all members of the commission, who were by Sakvarelidze, were appointed because the Prosecutor General had a different opinion", - said Kasko.