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"Authorized Representative of the "LPR" in Minsk Vladislav Deynego: "The compromise on the issue of disengagement of forces was not reached at the meeting of the Safety subgroup, the text of the relevant agreement has been agreed upon. "

Media: "Energy supply Petrovsky district of the DPR capital, affected due to night shelling, is fully restored."

"Chairman of the Central Bank of the "DPR" Irina Nikitina: "Republican Central Bank has issued and distributed 410 thousands of cards as of August 1st. Most of the cards are pension ones. In June we paid more than 70 percent of the pension on payment cards. "

"Head of Debaltsevo City Administration Alexander Reingold: "Repair and restoration work in schools and kindergartens is carried out in Debaltsevo now. The city has six schools and seven kindergartens. The total expected completion of all 12 educational objects is expected by September 1st, the educational process will begin without delay."

Media: "More than 100 activists donated blood for the needy residents of the DPR on the charity event which took place in Snezhnoye, Kirovskoye, Khartsyzsk, as well as in Telmanov and Starobeshevo districts of the republic."

"Chairman of the Central Bank of the "DPR" Irina Nikitina: " We have investors with whom we are discussing the issue of giving loans to our residents. It is possible that it will happen next year. It is primarily loans to individuals and short-term ones - up to six months."

Media: "LPR Council of Ministers approved a regulation of the Provisional Regulations on the procedure of state registration of rights to immovable property and its encumbrances and provision of information. Implementation of the Provisional Regulations will lead to the creation of a full-fledged and stable real estate market, protection of the rights and interests of participants in the real estate turnover on the territory of the republic."

Media: "Representatives of the Republican Organization of Veterans of the LPR resorted to Veteran Peace Organizations to ask for help to end the war in Donbass."

"MFA of the LPR": "Mountaineer from Donetsk Vasiliy Koryagin hoisted the national flags of the LPR and DPR in the Republic of South Ossetia on one of the mountain peaks of the Caucasus - Elbrus".