Tuka told how Ukraine would be able to return the legitimate power in Donbass 07/26/2016 14:07:36. Total views 1050. Views today — 0.

At the moment the strategy doesn’t mean return of Donbass by military means. It was stated by the Deputy Minister on the occupied territories Georgiy Tuka in an interview with Radio Svoboda.

"The strategy that we offer and develop, isn’t about the return of Donbass in military way. I would call it a military and political way. At first, it is a cease-fire under any circumstances (attacks, activities of subversive groups) After that it’s needed to update the horizontal relationship between the population: softening and then, hopefully, complete abolition of all restrictions on the movement of goods. Now the weight of cargo per an individual can reach 50 kilograms. Amendments, that are being considered by SSU, include the variants we offered - from 200 up to 500 kilograms per person,"- he said.

Then, according to him, it is necessary to begin the process of returning the legitimate Ukrainian government. "Not only army units, National Guard, police (return - OstroV), but bodies such as the Pension Fund, Ministry of Healthcare, Social Services. Later demilitarization process begins, disarmament of illegal armed groups and parallel to it - formation of local authorities, that is, force component," - he added.

Only after that, in his opinion, it is possible to speak about the return of the rest of the state bodies, i.e. Ukrainian banking system, media, taking control with the help of international observers and military missions not only over the territory but also over the border.

"And after a while it will be possible to talk about local elections. But it will take a lot of time," - summed up Tuk.