The "DPR" promises to return DSP to Russians, if they launch the enterprise 07/22/2016 14:25:05. Total views 985. Views today — 0.

The "DPR" promises to give back control over Donetsk Steel Plant (DSP) to Russian Mechel company if the company resumes the work and salary debts are repaid. It was reported by the separatist DAN agency with reference to the "Acting Minister of Industry and Trade of the DPR" Alexey Granovsky.

"If the owner resumes work of DSP in the republic and provides 700 people with jobs, I think that the Council of Ministers will take a positive decision to return the company to the owner," - said Granovsky.

At the same time, it is reminded that earlier "DNR authorities" introduced "external control" to DSP.

According to Granovsky, a condition for the return of the plant under the control of Russians will be "repaying all government expenditure spent to the launch the enterprise, warranties that Mechel will employ the same staff in the amount of 700 people and ensure t stable operation of the enterprise".

The report recalls that the Donetsk Steel Plant is a steel plant, built on the principle of a mini-factory with an incomplete cycle. The plant, which capacity was more than a million tons of liquid steel per year, was stopped at the end of 2012.

As reported, on July 21st Mechel company "threatened the "DPR" authorities that it would take "all measures to protect its rights and interests" in respect to DSP.