Sea Breeze-2016 joint exercises with the United States started in Ukraine 07/18/2016 14:09:29. Total views 951. Views today — 0.

Sea Breeze – 2016 Ukrainian-American exercises started on July 18th on the territory of Odessa and Nikolayev regions, as well as in the north-western part of the Black Sea, - reports 112.ua.

The subject of the exercises is conducting multinational security operations in crisis regions.

The Ukrainian Navy said earlier that Sea Breeze current exercises would significantly expand "geography" of places and regions of their conduction.

"In addition to sea operations by more than 25 ships, boats and support vessels from Ukraine, the USA, Turkey and Romania, in addition to the aviation component, a range of activities of the onshore component will be more extensive compared to previous years - a multinational tactical group," - said acting First Deputy Commander of the Ukrainian Navy captain of the 1st rank Roman Gladkiy.

According to him, marines and special forces from Ukraine, the USA, Georgia and Moldova will conduct stabilizing actions during operations in the crisis regions according to the NATO standards both in the training units in Nikolayev region and in the south of Odessa region.

"If we add that artillery actions during the anti-airborne defense are planned together with overcoming the water barrier with the involvement of engineering units, special actions to ensure security in the maritime sector, air support of landing operations, the exercises promise to be intensive and dynamic," - he said.