Rocket strike on "Okhmatdyt" hit the building where children were receiving dialysis for kidney failure. There are casualties - Liashko 07/08/2024 13:30:18. Total views 248. Views today — 2.

Russian forces launched a rocket strike on the building of "Okhmatdyt" where children were receiving dialysis for kidney failure, resulting in casualties. Minister of Health Viktor Liashko reported this from the scene on July 8, as reported by "Kyiv 24".

"For now, we won't (discuss the number - OstroV)... Unfortunately, there are casualties", - Liashko replied when asked about the number of casualties.

According to him, the rocket strike hit the building where children were undergoing dialysis. Additionally, he mentioned that the intensive care, surgical, and oncological departments were damaged.

"...Rescuers are retrieving... and providing assistance to those who can be rescued. We have already transported all the first ones (freed from the rubble - OstroV). We are transporting everyone who needs assistance to other hospitals", - the minister also noted.

Earlier, Zelensky reported that people were trapped under the rubble of the "Okhmatdyt" hospital in Kyiv, and the exact number of injured and dead was still unknown.