Strike on military training ground in Yeysk: russians report destruction of over 100 drones and elimination of Shahed maintenance personnel 06/24/2024 17:13:27. Total views 238. Views today — 0.

A drone attack on several districts of russia’s Krasnodar krai on the night of June 20-21 reportedly resulted in significant damage, with over 100 drones destroyed and technical personnel killed. This was reported on June 24 by the public channel "Dosie Shpiona"

"A strike on the military training ground in Yeysk. On June 21, 2024, a strike was carried out on the military training ground of the 726th Air Defense Training Center (military unit 33859, Yeysk) in the Krasnodar krai", - the report states.

The training center is known for training and preparing military personnel for the use of various types of UAVs. The strike was allegedly carried out by two cruise missiles of an unspecified type (likely the R-360 Neptune).

There are reports of the deaths of instructors and technical staff from Yelabuga (employees of the factory involved in the production and maintenance of the iranian "Shahed-136" analog, the "Geran-2"). The names mentioned are Gunia, Sadreev, and Kazhanov.

According to the source, the following were destroyed:

- 20 units of "Shahed-136"/"Geran-2"

- 50 units of "Lancet" strike UAVs

- 40 units of "ZALA" reconnaissance UAVs

Information on military personnel casualties is currently unavailable, the public channel adds.

It was previously reported that several districts of the Krasnodar krai in russia were subjected to a massive Ukrainian drone attack on the night of June 20-21, as noted by the regional operational headquarters. Unofficial local channels mentioned an attack on a military airfield in Yeysk.