Krotevych filed a complaint with the SBI against an AFU general "who has killed more Ukrainian soldiers than any russian general" 06/24/2024 11:17:36. Total views 242. Views today — 0.

Bohdan Krotevych, Chief of Staff of the "Azov" Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine and a lieutenant colonel, announced in a Telegram post on the evening of June 23 that he had submitted a complaint to the State Bureau of Investigations (SBI) against a Ukrainian Armed Forces general. Krotevych claims this general "has killed more Ukrainian soldiers than any russian general".

"...Sometimes it seems that in their interactions with Americans and other Western partners, some people completely forget about their own people and troops. I call this form of communication 'coldness'. If I were interested in personal gain, I might remain silent, as this situation almost does not affect me directly. But it does affect Ukraine's victory in the war (or rather, its delay). Therefore, I openly declare - I have tried (not only I, that's a fact, but I speak for myself), spoken in offices, passed on information to everyone I could. Moreover, when giving testimonies on matters I cannot disclose, I explicitly referred to what I consider 'war crimes'. But apparently, most people don't care", - Krotevych notes.

"...I wrote a letter to the SBI calling for an investigation into a military general who, in my opinion, has killed more Ukrainian soldiers than any russian general. I don't care if they start an investigation against me or if they put me in jail. What I do care about is that they prosecute battalion and brigade commanders for losing an observation post, but not a general for losing regions and dozens of cities and thousands of soldiers. The conditions under which brigades are currently fighting - it's unreal heroism, primarily of the soldiers, platoon commanders, company commanders, battalions, and brigades. And their heroism lies in the fact that they hold back the enemy not thanks to but despite everything", - Krotevych emphasizes.

"Sometimes it seems to me that the world sends us scoundrels to unite us. And all the military personnel now understand who I am talking about because 99 percent of the military hate him for what he does. This person initiates investigations against commanders who advance and don't lose positions, but doesn't initiate investigations against himself", - the "Azov" Chief of Staff writes, without naming the general.

"I'm fed up with this, the Rubicon has been crossed. You need to understand that the military often resorts to media exposure not out of a good life. Unfortunately, that's the kind of governance we have. At this point, it's the only way to change the situation. That's a fact. I don't care much about myself. And the only thing I will always be ashamed of is not doing this earlier. Fate helps the brave, and some creatures benefit from the fact that most people remain silent due to understanding the consequences of a 'personal vendetta' against themselves and their units. Therefore, I emphasize that this is my personal decision and I fully accept the consequences", - Krotevych declares.

Bohdan Krotevych has been with "Azov" since 2014. He was captured along with his unit after a prolonged defense of "Azovstal". He was returned to Ukraine as part of a prisoner exchange in September 2022.