Kremlin spokesperson says putin has no intention of reducing nuclear risks with the US unless it stops supporting Ukraine 06/21/2024 14:31:51. Total views 265. Views today — 0.

The press secretary of the russian dictator, Dmitry Peskov, stated that the kremlin does not intend to discuss reducing nuclear risks with Washington separately from the issue of russian aggression against Ukraine. This was his response to a corresponding proposal from the US.

"Those who make these statements have not bothered to closely follow the previous words of the (illegitimate – OstroV) president of Russia. Speaking about the prospects of dialogue, he said that we are ready for dialogue with the US, interested in dialogue, but only comprehensively. It is impossible to isolate individual segments from the overall set of problems. We are open to dialogue, but to a comprehensive dialogue that covers all dimensions, including those related to Ukraine and US involvement in it. Overall, dialogue is needed, as issues are accumulating, including security problems", - Peskov said.

As previously reported, putin issued an ultimatum to Ukraine and its allies. The russian dictator demanded international recognition of the four annexed Ukrainian oblasts, Crimea, and Sevastopol as part of russia to cease the aggression.