Oil depot in the Krasnodar krai attacked by "Ukrainian missiles" – media 06/18/2024 12:47:04. Total views 176. Views today — 0.

An oil depot was attacked by "Ukrainian missiles" on the night of June 18 in the Temryuk district of the russian Krasnodar Krai. This was reported by the russian Telegram channel ASTRA, citing its sources.

"Around midnight on June 18, residents of the Temryuk district reported explosions in local chats. However, there has been no official information from the authorities or the russian Ministry of Defense as of now. ASTRA discovered that the targeted site was the transshipment terminal for liquid oil products and chemical goods of LLC 'Yugneftekhimtransit' in the village of Chushka. A fire broke out, damaging pipelines and technical facilities. There were no casualties, according to ASTRA's sources in the region's emergency services. Preliminary reports suggest the attack was carried out using Ukrainian 'Neptune' missiles", - the message states.