Russian Ministry of Defense reported an attack by nearly 90 Ukrainian UAVs on 5 regions and occupied Crimea 06/14/2024 11:50:39. Total views 282. Views today — 0.

Russian regions and occupied Crimea were attacked by a total of 87 Ukrainian UAVs during the past night, with 70 targeting the Rostov oblast. This was reported by the russian Ministry of Defense on Telegram.

The military department of the aggressor country stated that during the past night, "air defense systems on duty intercepted and destroyed" 70 UAVs over the Rostov oblast, 2 UAVs over the Belgorod and Volgograd oblasts each, 6 UAVs over the Voronezh and Kursk oblasts each, and 1 UAV over occupied Crimea.

It was previously reported that in the Belgorod oblast, a UAV attacked the local "self-defense", resulting in casualties.

Earlier reports also mentioned UAV attacks on two russian regions: fuel tanks were damaged in Voronezh, and electricity went out in Rostov.